Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Providers Deploy Butterfly Ultra-Sound Monitors To Conduct On-Site Patient Assessments

The Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System (MDERS) procured ten Butterfly IQ+ Ultrasound devices for Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) practitioners in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. These ultrasound devices will aid TEMS practitioners in diagnosing internal injuries and improving visual capabilities to monitor internal care.

TEMS practitioners operate in austere and hostile environments supporting police operations. They render initial care to patients and subsequent medical support from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers is limited based on the duration and threat posed during law enforcement deployments. With reduced medical support, it is essential to outfit TEMS practitioners with the needed equipment to administer advanced medical aid to a patient before transport to definitive medical care.

The Butterfly IQ+ Ultrasound device fills a gap in immediate medical care provided by TEMS practitioners. The ultrasound probe connects to a mobile device and interfaces with their mobile application to allow users to visualize the internal anatomy of a patient. The small and easily maneuverable components allow great latitude for TEMS practitioners to use the ultrasound imaging in a variety of different situations.

The integration of the Butterfly IQ+ Ultrasound device will augment the current medical capabilities of TEMS practitioners. The device will bolster identification of significant internal bleeding, cardiac abnormalities, dyspnea, and other internal injuries. Also, it will facilitate easier intravenous access, accurate hypodermic needle penetration, and artery identification. Beyond the on-scene capabilities, TEMS practitioners can share the ultrasound imaging for medical consultation and provide preliminary notification of a patient’s injuries to hospital personnel.

This emerging technology enhances TEMS practitioners’ ability to obtain an integrated imaging solution for critical medical assessments and guided procedures increasing the survival rate of patients experiencing life-threatening injuries.

For more information on this initiative, please contact William Abuelhawa at William.Abuelhawa@Maryland.gov.