Finance & Administration

The Finance and Administration Directorate has a fundamental role in the strategic operations of MDERS, dedicated to advancing, maintaining, and enhancing the fiscal, procurement, and resource management functions essential to both MDERS and its supported stakeholder agencies benefitting from grant support. This Directorate, comprised of a skilled team including a Deputy Director, Financial Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, and Administrative Specialist, is integral throughout the entire capability development cycle.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Finance and Administration Directorate is the meticulous oversight of fiscal matters, from the inception of budget creation to the submission of proposals and the acquisition of necessary equipment. The team ensures a seamless process by tracking all grant-procured equipment, orchestrating the efficient deployment of assets to sub-recipients, and proactively planning for future maintenance and replacement needs. The team is also actively engaged in seeking reimbursements for all expenditures through the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant, demonstrating a commitment to fiscal responsibility.

In close collaboration with the Operational Support Directorate, the Finance and Administration Directorate contributes to the development of comprehensive policies, procedures, and guidance, providing a solid framework for the proper utilization and management of all procured assets. This collaborative effort ensures the alignment of financial and operational strategies, fostering an integrated approach to capability development.

Moreover, the Finance and Administration Directorate is instrumental in supporting the successful execution of UASI sub-grants through effective project management. Hosting regular monthly meetings with stakeholders and their respective work groups, the team ensures that tasks progress according to schedule and remain within budget, as outlined in the meticulously crafted Project Management Plans (PMP) approved by the State Administrative Agency (SAA). The Directorate plays a crucial role in adjudicating resource needs, guided by the principles of each respective capability.


Operational Support

The MDERS Operational Support Directorate supports internal and external planning, training, and exercise initiatives related to emergency response capabilities and operational procedures for planned and unplanned events within Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. The team is comprised of an Operational Support Deputy Director, two Senior Emergency Response Specialists, and four Emergency Response Specialists.

The Operational Support Directorate oversees the drafting, development, and implementation of comprehensive capability development plans (CDPs). These plans outline planning, organizing, training, exercising, equipping, and evaluating requirements necessary to accomplish target capability outcomes from the region’s emergency response agencies. The CDPs serve as a road map for capability development, declaring each sequential task and deliverable needed to reach the target outcome. To accomplish this, the Operational Support Directorate coordinates multiple work groups of stakeholders that are integral to capability development. These groups provide agency- and region-specific input to assist with gap analyses and needs assessments, which are the foundational information for creating CDPs.

The Operational Support Directorate also supports the planning, delivery, and administration of a variety of multi-disciplinary training and exercise opportunities both within and external to the Maryland-NCR. The Operational Support Directorate team coordinates with the Steering Committee, stakeholder agencies, and the MDERS Finance and Administration Directorate to deliver training and exercise opportunities that enhance regional emergency responders’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to support targeted capabilities as identified in the MDERS Strategic Plan. The Operational Support Directorate oversees the budget management, development, and delivery, monitoring and reporting, and improvement planning of all associated training and exercise activities throughout MDERS’s portfolio.

In tandem with its role in capability development planning, the Operational Support Directorate is entrusted with drafting the MDERS Strategic Plan, the MDERS Annual Report, and supporting other planning activities aligned with the Steering Committee and MDERS stakeholder agencies. The Directorate also administers internal programs, including the MDERS website, file management structure, and related initiatives.

Furthermore, playing a crucial role in both planning and delivering training and exercise opportunities within the Maryland-NCR, the Operational Support Directorate extends support to stakeholders by handling the advertisement, registration, travel coordination, and reimbursement for specialized training opportunities across the United States. These courses are strategically designed to enhance the workforce and optimize response capabilities in the Maryland-NCR region.