MDERS Provides Public Access Trauma Care (PATC) Training to Montgomery County School Health Services

With the new school year starting, and a return to in-person instruction, the Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System (MDERS) team delivered a presentation about the Public Access Trauma Care (PATC) program to the nurses of Montgomery County Public Schools Health Services.

The PATC program aims to empower civilians to treat severe injuries in the critical time period between injury and the arrival of medical professionals. During this period, proactive aid can help mitigate fatal injuries to a victim, such as extremity bleeding, compromised airways, sucking chest wounds, and hypothermia.

PATC Kit display in a Montgomery County Public School

The presentation outlined the resources available to nurses in every public school to respond to such injuries. In total, MDERS has placed 754 PATC bags inside Montgomery County Public Schools, with at least one bag located in each school building. Included in each bag are five individual kits, each containing a tourniquet, chest seal, survival blanket, compressed gauze, trauma shears, gloves, medical tape, and other supplies to address these injuries.

To understand how to utilize these items and identify the injury patterns that would necessitate their use, the nurses were shown several training videos that covered wound packing, tourniquet application, direct pressure, chest seal application, and body positioning. The videos are accessible for the nurses and the public to review on YouTube.

As the PATC program continues to evolve, opportunities for hands-on practice of these skills will be accessible to nurses and students. If you have any questions about the PATC program, please contact us at