How the Finance & Logistics Program plays an integral role in the Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System

The goal of the Finance & Logistics (F&L) Program is to develop, maintain, improve, and coordinate the fiscal, procurement, and resource management responsibilities of the Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System (MDERS) staff and stakeholders.

The F&L Program works through the entire capability development cycle. From generating budgets to submitting grant proposals to purchasing equipment, the program is a vital and integral contributor to the process. Once the equipment and supplies are purchased, the program tracks, oversees deployment, and plans for maintenance and replacement of all items. The program also handles all financial matters, including seeking grant reimbursement for organization expenditures.

The F&L Program staff consists of a Program Manager, a Financial Administrator, and a Logistician. The Program Manager oversees the financial and logistical aspects of all capability development and project management plans. She also manages the purchases of equipment and resources to support the MDERS staff and its mission, and directs all related financial and logistical tracking and reporting responsibilities. The Financial Administrator fulfills multiple accounting, budgetary, and procurement responsibilities. The Logistician fulfills various duties including equipment and supply acquisition, distribution, tracking, maintenance, and replenishment.

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