TTX in A Box Program

Collaboration and coordination are key components within the homeland security enterprise; however, interdisciplinary and interjurisdictional shared collaboration and coordination gaps still exist at the local level.

The Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System (MDERS) previously adapted the commercially developed ICS Toolbox kit to deliver a series of hybrid (tabletop and functional) simulation exercises for local fire and EMS stakeholders. MDERS designed the exercises to engage fire and EMS to enhance Incident Command and supervisory skills at the station level. The tool consists of a portable box containing all materials required to run the hybrid exercise. Using input from local fire and EMS subject matter experts in the Maryland-NCR, the planning team designed and developed the scenarios to promote interdisciplinary and interjurisdictional collaboration and coordination. MDERS provided exercise participants with fire and EMS apparatus as props, as well as landscapes of areas within their jurisdictions to help drive exercise play. This approach provided stakeholders with a forum to discuss, evaluate, and deconflict their Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) response policies and procedures in a collaborative environment.

Since 2018, MDERS has delivered a total of 36 TTXs to law enforcement, fire/rescue/EMS, public health, and hospital stakeholders in the Maryland-NCR.



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