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Emergency Response Leadership Seminar Series – Module One: Meta-Leadership: Complexity & The Arcs of Time

Join the Maryland-National Capital Region Emergency Response System (MDERS) and Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) as we explore core leadership principles and skills that are necessary to lead in times of crisis.

Meta-leadership is using one’s influence, rather this their authority, to drive action and change. This technique cultivates leadership at all levels, and allows one to impact far beyond his or her established span of control.

This four-part virtual seminar series will cover essential tools and techniques of Meta-Leadership. The series will focus on three dimensions of Meta-Leadership – the Person, the Situation, and Connectivity – to help one better understand themselves as a leader, the challenges one faces, and how to bring stakeholders together to achieve cohesive action.

Module One: Meta-Leadership: Complexity & The Arcs of Time


COVID-19 is an example of a complex problem. Complexity requires leaders to view problems expansively. By doing so, they grasp the full scope and scale of what face and they develop solutions that fit the enormity of the situations. The Meta-Leadership model builds from complex problem solving, challenging the leader to think and practice broadly. The Arcs of Time guides leaders through the phases of the COVID-19 event so they can anticipate what is likely to come next and strategically prepare themselves and their systems to meet the demands.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an appreciation for the dynamics of complex, adaptive systems as they relate to leadership challenges.
  2. Understand the three dimensions of meta-leadership as frames for understanding and dealing with complexity.
  3. Identify the characteristics of an Arc of Time: the COVID-19 event will traverse multiple Arcs until India achieves a “Next Normal.”


The primary audience for this event is mid- to upper-level management in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire, Rescue, and EMS
  • Hospitals
  • Public Health
  • Emergency Management

**Due to space constraints, this event is by invitation only.**